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How is Life Currently Showing Up?
Inside The "Self Awareness" Video Tutorial Series You'll Get:
  • Self Awareness VIDEO STEP BY STEP GUIDE- You'll learn the No1 most efficient way to accessing your awareness without the need to meditate for hours. This makes it easy to always know where exactly something that arises in your life is coming from. 
  • Your Values VIDEO GUIDE - Most people think that you have to know you values, and that's true, but what are your soul's values? I'll show you how the secret to start to understand what your soul wants and take you through the sometimes complex process with you step by step on video.
  • The "One Thing" VIDEO Meditation and supporting videos to plan your day, week and months  - This simple meditation will guarantee you don't fall of the wagon and that your results will stick around for longer than just a few months as you'll always know what to be working on. These video walkthroughs will take you by the hand step by step to show you how to implement it into each area of your life.
  • VIDEO guide on how to find the point of creation in your life for what is currently showing up and what to do about it!
  • and much much more...

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